European Design Solutions Co. Ltd.

European Design Solutions Co. Ltd. was founded in 2017 with a mission to deliver the world’s most exceptional luxury furniture brands to the Vietnam market.

EUDS’ Board of Management has more than a century of international business experience, including decades of experience operating within the Vietnam market.  Our range of expertise spans multiple industries, with a deep acumen in real estate development, international trade, and luxury retail.

Our services include:

  • Custom design and high-quality build service for private homes
  • Multi-unit project design, supply, and installation

We employ leading experts based both locally in Vietnam and in Europe, with a wealth of knowledge in our industry.  Our team boasts the talent and technical capability to service the most demanding projects, having consulted, designed, constructed, and serviced projects around the world, both boutique and large-scale.

Our client list is lengthy and includes the world’s top real estate developers, hotel operators, and the most elite members of society.

We are passionate about selecting brands that tell a story of excellence and boast a legacy that is unmatched among our peers.  We believe in creating value for our customers through the outstanding quality of the services we provide, and through the delightful experience of using our products.  We operate with a long-term vision and seek to continuously improve in all aspects.

To seek consultancy from one of our experts, please contact our hotline to book an appointment: 024 6660 3011.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Working with EUDS

Work with EUDS designers, installers, and customer care to make the luxury modern home you visualize come to life. From kitchens to bedrooms and custom furniture, we help you put your contemporary style in every room.

1. Inspiration

2. Measurement and planning

3. Customised design

4. Ordering and transportation

5. Installation and qualified inspection

6. Service pledge

1 Inspiration

Each design is created to meet the vision and requirements of each client. Homeowners and trade professionals are inspired by our craftsmanship and the endless possibilities we offer. Our talented designers work closely with you to choose styles, colors, finishes and accessories and come up with unique and inspirational custom designs to create the perfect solution for every room.

2 Measurement and planning

Solution options are presented first by hand drawing and then rendered visually to enable you to visually step into your project. Our realistic photo rendering process allows us to review its concept, function, and aesthetics with you and fine-tune the design. We walk you through every detail of your personalized project to ensure you are completely at ease and satisfied.

3 Customised design

Your cabinetry and furniture are customized to the millimeter. Exact measurements and understanding the shape of the room are vital to the flawless function and impeccable aesthetic. Your project manager notes important parameters such as electricity supply, plumbing, and mechanical availability and location. Our designers work in tandem with your construction team to ensure accuracy.

4 Ordering and transportation

Your personalized project will be ordered to our factories in Europe to complete manufacturing, verify quality, and be ready to ship. Our logistics team ensures proper packaging and labeling of each component for safe transport and is sealed until it arrives in our climate-controlled warehouse.

5 Installation and qualified inspection

All of our furnishings are carefully installed by our experts, ensuring that every detail is made in line with our deep commitment to the highest quality and keenest attention to detail.
Once the installation is complete, we conduct a quality check and review with you the results of the installation including the performance of appliances. You receive a care kit for cabinets, appliances, and furniture that explains how to maintain during use.

6 Service pledge

Our business succeeds with your satisfaction. With centuries of accumulated experience among all of our brand partners, we understand that our products are only as strong as your support.
Your customer care package will include everything you need to keep your furnishings looking and working their best. Our service and product warranties are the longest in our industry. Our technicians will periodically service and repair as needed.

Contact us for assistance at our hotline 024 6660 3011.