About EUDS

European Design Solutions Co. Ltd. is a specialized contractor providing premium custom design and build solutions for luxury private homes and 5-star real estate projects.  

We exclusively represent a portfolio of the world’s leading luxury interior brands, focusing only on the very best-in-class from Europe.

Our exquisite portfolio is tailored for those who seek to experience the finest furnishings available anywhere in the world. Each of our award-winning brands boasts its own unique story, a long-standing heritage and a global reputation for excellence in design and manufacturing quality. Our expert design team creates bespoke solutions for each client, with a sensitivity to the Vietnamese lifestyle and traditional values.

For decades, our team and brand partners have been at the forefront of delivering landmark luxury projects on every continent. With our extensive global reach and technical expertise, we adeptly apply best practices to our clients’ ventures, ensuring exceptional quality, precision, and aesthetic appeal.

Our portfolio proudly features an array of best-in-class European brands, such as Poggenpohl, Gaggenau, DEDON, Vispring, Schmalenbach, Draenert, and many others, reflecting our commitment to providing unparalleled excellence in every project we undertake.

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“True luxury is the freedom to arrange your life precisely as you desire. To take pleasure in your surroundings. To act with confidence knowing that the unseen details have already been thought of. To spend your time pursuing your passions with those you love.”



from Poggenpohl kitchen cabinetry

+MODO impresses in its play with dimensions. Worktop and cabinet are offset against one another to form an exhilarating constellation. Pull-out shelves also play with the idea of offsetting space. In the unmistakable design language of Jorge Pensi, the worktop spans the cabinets below appearing to float. The resulting free space becomes a stage for utensils and personal accessories.

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from Draenert stone dining tables and chairs

A new generation of extendable dining tables. FONTANA combines the uniqueness of natural stone with the experience of an innovative synchronous mechanism. Unfold the table to a banquet – effortless and apparently magical. DRAENERT typical - the expressive, trapezoidal table top adds the finishing touch. The FONTANA has received four awards! The collection is complimented by a fix top version.

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from DEDON luxury outdoor furniture

Stephen Burks’ award-winning collection is as delightful to look at as to use. The hanging lounge chair is the first collection to be wrapped rather than woven in 834 meters of DEDON Fiber Touch, and features a cradle-like organic form that's open, airy, light and inviting. Once inside, users can luxuriate in KIDA's comfy cushion, which covers the entire seating area, and feel, in Burks' own words, “as free as the breeze” when swinging.

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